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Magnetically Morphing Tissue Scaffolds for Biomedical Applications

Meta-magnetic shape memory alloys (MMSMAs) are materials that can change shape via a thermally or magnetically induced phase transformation. This response can link magnetic, thermal and mechanical energy domains and has tremendous potential for use in the body as a morphing tissue scaffold. These scaffolds could be actuated using an external magnetic field removing the need for lead wires or a power source in the body. The displacements provided by these materials could stimulate bone regeneration and pancreatic cell growth for hip replacement and diabetic patients. Studies have shown that pores between 300 and 500 microns are required for tissue bonding and infiltration. This study applies powder metallurgy techniques, such as sintering and space holders, to produce a NiCoMnSn MMSMA foam with interconnected pores of a selected size. The processing parameters are then tuned to produce a material with magnetic, thermal and mechanical properties suited for a morphing tissue scaffold.